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Proposals for guidance development

Several topics have been proposed for guidance development.  A summary of SDCEP’s assessment of each proposal is given below.

Proposed topic: Local anaesthesia – the safety and efficacy of articaine as a local analgesic agent in order to carry out dental procedures

Preliminary scoping work has been carried out to assess the suitability of this topic for guidance development by SDCEP. A scoping literature search has indicated that there is no synthesized evidence and little primary evidence on which to base recommendations for this issue. A resource-intensive systematic review of the evidence would be necessary to ensure that no relevant evidence or data is overlooked. Consequently, in 2011 the SDCEP Steering Group agreed that it would not be the best use of SDCEP’s resources to develop guidance on this topic at this time.

Proposed topic: Oral health management of patients in intensive care

The SDCEP Steering Group concluded that this topic is part of a wider issue about the oral health care of patients in residential and secondary care.  There was a consensus that guidance from other organizations already exists, and therefore the emphasis should be on improving its implementation rather than developing new guidance.

If you would like to propose a topic for guidance development, please contact us.

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